Statement on Residents’ COVID-19 Diagnosis
August 1, 2020
Statement on Care Staff and Resident COVID-19 Diagnosis
August 4, 2020
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Statement on Care Staff COVID-19 Diagnosis

To residents, resident representatives and staff

Kalyna Care has received COVID-19 test results showing six care staff have tested positive, with another two – making a total of eight care staff – stood down and in self-isolation to prevent the spread of infection. Contact tracing of the six care staff are continuing which may result in more staff being stood down.

Kalyna Care continues to work intensively with health authorities to maximise protection of residents and staff from coronavirus.

This includes a three-member specialist Australian Medical Assistance Team (AUSMAT) which is working on site to help execute Kalyna Care’s COVID-19 Emergency Plan which includes cohorting of residents and staff. 2 visits from the DHHS Outbreak Squad and daily visits of an aged care outbreak specialist from the Commonwealth.

With six residents found to be positive on Saturday, 1 August, the AUSMAT experts are advising on cohorting of residents and care design, so that non-positive residents are not exposed to infection.

Kalyna Care also has an acute care plan for the six residents who have tested positive, with dedicated staff designated to look after them, to minimise any chance of coronavirus spreading across the home. The Western Health Aged Care Liaison has been visiting the residents daily.

Health authorities are also preparing a surge workforce, with addition replacement staff ready to ensure quality care is delivered, while the eight care staff are in self-quarantine.

Kalyna Care has had intensive deep cleans over the weekend, to minimise the spread of any infection.

At present, a total of 23 Kalyna Care staff are in self-isolation including the 15-member catering team after two chefs tested positive to COVID-19. The catering team was replaced last week, to protect residents and fellow staff.

The six positive residents are receiving intensive supervision 24 hours a day and are being monitored regularly by medical staff, with hospital transfers an option if they require more acute care.

All residents have been scheduled for their second COVID test on Tuesday August 4.

Kalyna Care is adhering to rigorous restrictions on visitors, with strict screening of staff and contractors.

Staff are adhering to Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) protocols including masks, face shields, gowns and gloves, and don and doff PPE when attending to every individual resident.

We will keep residents, their families, our dedicated staff and our community aware of any changes to the situation and we are absolutely committed to keeping our residents and staff safe.

Thank you,
Pearl Forrester

0406 424 618

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