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Daily Fees

Information and Pricing

DAILY FEES are a contribution towards the costs of providing care.

The care fee includes a standard resident contribution that is paid by all residents. The standard resident contribution is paid at either the pensioner, lower rate or the non-pensioner, higher rate. A means tested care fee may also apply. The means tested care fee is in addition to the standard resident contribution. The Department of Human Services will work out if you are required to pay this fee based on an assessment of your income and assets, and will advise you of the amount.

Under the Aged Care Act 1997, the standard pensioner contribution is approximately 85% of the basic single rate pension ($52.25 per day from March 2020). This amount will be indexed in line with the age pension. The standard non-pensioner resident contribution is $58.19 per day from March 2020 plus an additional means tested care fee.

Fees are payable per calendar month, one (1) month in advance.

New rules governing accommodation payments became effective on 1 July 2014.

Full Pensioner

$52.71per day

Part Pensioner

$52.71per day


$52.71per day

Non Pensioner

$58.69per day

The Daily Fee Includes:

  • Three (3) meals per day; morning afternoon tea and supper
  • Coffee and tea facilities are available at all times in the main dining and kitchenette areas
  • Provision of the emergency call button and maintenance of the system
  • Staff assistance 24 hours a day
  • Heating, air-conditioning, lighting, power
  • Changing of bed linen and towels
  • Cleaning of resident's rooms
  • Administration of medication
  • Provision of equipment such as wheelchairs, walking frames etc (depends on the level of care)
  • Referral to specialists as required
  • Street and security lighting
  • Maintenance and repair of the Home and rooms
  • Maintenance of the grounds, parking lots and internal roads
  • Cleaning of the Home as a whole
  • Costs associated with the running and administration of our residential aged care facility