Kalyna Care Services

Offering specialist aged care services with a European ambience.

At Kalyna Care, we offer a range of aged care services in a European ambience that feels like the comfort and familiarity of home. Our cultural and traditional décor, activities and meals reflect a Ukrainian Community that welcomes residents from all European countries including Poland, Slovakia, Germany, Austria, Croatia and Serbia, or anyone who appreciates the European way of life.

Residential aged care

You’ll feel comfortable, secure and instantly at home in our homestyle aged care residence. Our residents live in a warm, homely atmosphere with modern, spacious lounges and secure garden courtyards to enjoy gatherings with their family. Together we celebrate important days and faith-based activities in our weekly church services.

We welcome relatives and friends of our residents to be involved in their loved one’s care, from participating in holistic aged care planning to regular reviews of individual care plans.

You’ll spend time with your loved one in their home-away-from-home, enjoying the amenities, the gardens and to share a meal with the residents. We also encourage families to take their loved ones home, for social outings or for holidays.

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Respite care

Caring for a loved one is a generous act of love and kindness that you and your family will value for generations. We know that everyone needs a break from the consistent work of caring for another, as this benefits both the carer as well as the person receiving care.

Occasional respite care will help you to sustain your caring role for longer and give you an opportunity to catch up on family commitments or other household duties. Respite care can also allow you to go away for a holiday knowing your loved one is in safe and caring hands.

Our respite care is tailored to the needs of your loved one. Whether they require a high or low level of care, we will ensure they feel safe and comfortable at our residence so that you can have a break with peace of mind.

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Dementia care

Our friendly, caring and compassionate team provide both high and low level care for people living with dementia. The European ambience of our home is both warm and comforting to our residents.

A range of cultural and sensory experiences is offered including art and craft activities, music, concerts and singing, cooking, spending time in the garden, looking after pets and more. We encourage residents to participate and contribute to daily living at Kalyna Care, so that they have a sense of belonging and family.

Palliative Care

Our palliative care approach supports people’s wishes right to the end. We understand this is a sensitive time for families, and we help our residents and their families manage these last weeks with grace and compassion. Care is directed by the individual and guided by us. Many residents and their families find great comfort from our faith-based services held in the home’s chapel, which is onsite.

Our program of palliative care incorporates advanced care directives that may be in place and we pay close attention to the wishes of our residents. Together with the family, we will provide support for any pain management and easing of symptoms they may need, so that they continue to live life as well as they can, with dignity and respect, right until their last moments.

Kalyna Care staff are compliant with the Victorian Voluntary Assisted Dying Act of 2017 and if you want more information please speak with a staff member or visit the Victorian Legislation website.

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Allied Health Services

Our residents are supported by a qualified and experienced allied health team who bring many years of experience of working with older people in our community. We offer a range of services onsite in our GP room and specially equipped physiotherapy room.

These services include:

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