A True Sense of Belonging
at Kalyna Care

From the Moment You Arrive, You’ll Feel Comfortably at Home

Your way of life, your history and your traditions are embraced at Kalyna Care. We acknowledge and honour your culture so that you can live with peace and contentment, with the customs you have always enjoyed.

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Our Aged Care Services

We provide compassionate and personalised aged care services for an exceptional quality of life. Please click below for more information.

Maintaining the Culture and Traditions of Europe in Every Day Life

Kalyna Care is a Ukrainian inspired aged care home that welcomes residents from all European countries and is especially popular with families from Slavic countries who appreciate the European way of life.

In our care, you’re encouraged to speak your language, continue your traditions, enjoy the food you’ve always loved and celebrate your cultural days. Many of our staff members are bilingual, so they can comfortably engage in conversation. We are actively involved in community events and support our residents to maintain their connections and friendships in the local community. 

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