Leisure and Lifestyle in Aged Care

A person centered model of care is a key focus of Kalyna Care and this is what drives the Leisure and Lifestyle Program

Aged Care Lifestyle Program

Kalyna Care believes the Leisure and Lifestyle program is one of its strengths, as the organization runs a comprehensive 7 day a week program for the enjoyment of residents and/or their representatives.

Range of leisure and lifestyle options available include:
  • Individual, large and small group activities to target physical, intellectual, emotional and social needs; e.g. massage aromatherapy, spas, painting, cooking, activity stations
  • Cultural, religious and traditional events are celebrated within the facility which has a dedicated chapel and hall
  • Special events are attended within the community as well as various community groups visit onsite e.g school groups, Ukrainian community groups, culturally specific volunteers and clergy etc

A range of people also visit the facility providing light entertainment such as music, dancing, magicians and pet therapy.

Leisure & Lifestyle Calendar 2021

Konvalyia/ Sosna & Topolya Leisure & Lifestyle Calendar

Programs & Activities Using Montessori Methods

Promoting personalised programs, including activities, using Montessori methods, our Leisure & Lifestyle Program encompasses the social, physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual aspects of our residents’ lives.

Planned activities cater to individual needs based on personal interests, lifestyle and background and are designed with residents’ abilities in mind.

Our aged care residents are encouraged to participate in activities which may take them out of their comfort zone. We love to hear our residents say that they are "So happy to learn something new".

Residents have the opportunity to contribute to the ongoing development of the Leisure & Lifestyle Program through suggestions at monthly resident meetings.

Multicultural Social Clubs

Our Croatian, Serbian & Macedonian community has grown over time, and as a result, we hold social gatherings, with a combined cultural social club for residents.

The Leisure & Lifestyle team, along with resident's families, provide the food and entertainment.

Together with a Ukrainian 'zabava' [party] the dancing, music and cultural food, provide many residents with joy and new experiences.

Residents and families of all cultures enjoyed taking part in their own, and each other’s, clubs.

Kalyna Choir

Our new and popular choir was formed under the leadership of a resident who had spent her life as a choir conductor at the Ukrainian Catholic Church.

The choir has been highly successful, with residents performing in various special occasions at our aged care facility.

Animals at Kalyna

Animals have always been welcome at our aged care and retirement village in Delahey, with families and staff often bringing their fur babies to visit.

We also organise special animal activities, which are facilitated by professional companies, to add another dimension to the Leisure & Lifestyle Program.

Dementia Specific Program

Sensory Activities:

  • Arts and crafts
  • Listen to music
  • Happy hour
  • Singing and mini concerts
  • Cooking
  • Rake leaves
  • Puzzle therapy
  • Reminiscing and discussion
  • Small group exercise and movement to music
  • Hand massage and manicures
  • Beauty regime
  • Look at family photographs
  • Table and floor games
  • Fold laundry
  • Pet therapy
  • Reminiscing - pets, school days, family, friends, job, marriage, holidays, inventions
  • Fold towels
  • Water house plants
  • Dance
  • Arrange fresh flowers
  • Play a musical instrument
  • Tactile aprons
  • Tactile tablecloth
  • Fabric books
  • Picture books
  • Sorting socks
  • Mould dough
  • Smell fresh herbs
  • Wheel chair travel
  • Reminiscing in the garden