Leisure and Lifestyle in Aged Care

A person centered model of care is a key focus of Kalyna Care and this is what drives the Leisure and Lifestyle Program

Aged Care Lifestyle Program

Kalyna Care believes the Leisure and Lifestyle program is one of its strengths, as the organization runs a comprehensive 7 day a week program for the enjoyment of residents and/or their representatives.

Range of leisure and lifestyle options available include:
  • Scheduled group and individual activities; e.g bus trips, exercises, Tai Chi, craft, Wii fit, 1:1 pampering
  • Individual and small group activities to target physical, intellectual, emotional and social needs; e.g. massage aromatherapy, spas, painting, cooking, activity stations
  • Cultural, religious and traditional events are celebrated within the facility which has a dedicated chapel and hall
  • Special events are attended within the community as well as various community groups visit onsite e.g school groups, Ukrainian community groups, culturally specific volunteers and clergy etc

A range of people also visit the facility providing light entertainment such as music, dancing, magicians and pet therapy.

Leisure & Lifestyle Calendar 2019

Konvalyia/ Sosna & Topolya Leisure & Lifestyle Calendar

Leisure and Lifestyle calendar January 2019

January 2019


December 2018


November 2018


October 2018

Sundowners Program for Maja Hrudka

Sensory Activities
  • Listen To Music
  • Rake Leaves
  • Take Photos Of The Person And You And Create A Collage
  • Beauty Regime
  • Look At Family Photographs
  • Wipe Off The Kitchen Table
  • Fold Laundry
  • Pet Therapy
  • Reminiscing - Pets, School Days, Family, Friends, Job, Marriage, Holidays, Inventions
  • Sweep The Patio
  • Fold Towels
  • Look Through The Pages Of A Clothes Catalogue
  • Water House Plants
  • Dance
  • Make Homemade Ice Cream
  • Give A Manicure
  • Rub In Hand Lotion
  • Arrange Fresh Flowers
  • Make Peanut Butter Sandwiches
  • Blow Bubbles
  • Finger Paint
  • Put Bird Seed Out For The Birds
  • Roll Yarn Into A Ball
  • Give Him Or Her A Hug
  • Ask The Person To Show You How To Knit Or Sew (Or Another Favourite Hobby)
  • Play A Musical Instrument
  • Wash Windows Together
  • Dolls
  • Soft Stuffed Animals
  • Tactile Aprons
  • Tactile Tablecloth
  • Holding Hands
  • Fabric Books
  • Picture Books
  • Sorting Socks
  • Mould Dough
  • Smell Fresh Herbs
  • Wheel Chair Travel
  • Reminiscing In The Garden