Sviata Vechera Celebrations


Residents of Kalyna Care and their family members attended mass held in our hall at 5pm on Christmas Eve, 2016. The Residents enjoyed a traditional Ukrainian feast.

On the evening of January 6, the night before Epiphany, children watch for the emergence of the first star in the eastern sky, and the family dinner commences. In recognition of the country’s agricultural past, a sheaf of wheat, called a didukh, is brought into the home, and the family’s traditional twelve-dish Christmas dinner commences.

After dinner, it is common for families to follow their meal up with Ukrainian carols, either in their homes, or as a part of groups that travel through the community, singing and collecting donations.

We hope that all our residents and families enjoyed this special day.

We wish to say a special thank you to the Sisters of St. Basil for providing our residents with Kolach and Kutia.

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